MON offers these additional services: 


We are a convenience store, so we do sell milk, butter, oral hygiene products, newspapers and more! If you can't find what you are looking for, let us know and we will have it for you next time! 


Having a party, cookout, barbeque or more? We have the coldest ice for you in 5lb bags! 

Beer and Wine

We offer over 40 craft beers and a selection of local and national beers, as well as a small selection of wine and hard liquor. 


Are you cold? Having a bonfire? We sell firewood! We purchase our firewood locally from French's Firewood and offer it in either bags of woods and/or kindling. 

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Propane Exchange

We do offer a propane exchange and will even do all the lifting for you! Just pull up by the tanks, come into the store, find an employee and we will take it from there! 

Public Bathroom

We do have a public bathroom! It is located around the coffee and to the left of the Hershey's Ice Cream sign.


We always have lots of pastries for you to choose from! Everything from muffins to turnovers to our world famous brownies!! 

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We sell Green Mountain Coffee, with brands like: Breakfast Blend, Nantucket Blend, Lake & Lodge, Columbian Decaf and Hazelnut. We also sell ice coffee as well! 

The Warmer

In the morning, we fill the warmer with breakfast sandwiches around 7am. At 11am, we will fill it up again with hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza and chicken tenders! 

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